Blurred Vision and Frustration

by Fr. Jeff

After a good day filled with laughter, I was going through my nightly routine. I said Compline, brushed my teeth, and took out my contacts. As I was putting my contacts into their solution, I dropped one. “Well, that’s not good,” I said to myself.

On my hands and my knees, I searched the carpet. For 5 minutes, I scoured the area. “I know it’s here, it has to be.” The longer I looked, the more I grew frustrated. “I know it’s here.”

As I searched, I thought about our search for You.

It often happens much the same. “I know You are here. You have to be. It’s where I last saw You.” But try as hard as we might, You sometimes prove elusive.

Where did I find my contact? Right in front of me. It had been there in plain sight the entire time. It was my blurred vision and own frustration that got in the way.

Maybe that’s what keeps us from finding You,

blurred vision and frustration.