Bear fruit in eternal life

by Fr. Jeff

Today is day one of the National Conference of Diocesan Vocations Directors. In the opening remarks, Msgr. Panke reminded the priests present that the work of vocations affects the Iives of thousands.

In each Mass, in each baptism, in each anointing, in each moment of priestly ministry, the work of the vocations personnel plays a part. He helps to bring the priest to the altar so that that priest can bring others to You.

As I begin my work as a vocation recruiter, I pray for the men You are calling.

Praying for them in Compline, You connected the dots in the closing prayer:

Let the work we have done today bear fruit in eternal life.

That’s the work of the priest: ministry, sacraments, vocations, prayer. All done for You to

Bear fruit in eternal life.