Mine included.

by Fr. Jeff

Seven years ago, I knew nothing of the Salesians. I wasn’t familiar with St. John Bosco.

When I arrived at St. Ben’s, I was looking forward to my classes. In particular, I had heard rave reviews of one professor in particular. He’s a Salesian.

Ancient philosophy was the first class he taught me. During those three years, I spent many hours under his wing.

Looking back, I can say that those were very formative years for my priesthood and for my life. He taught me about the world; he taught me about priesthood.

Today, I discovered that he taught me about the saints. Without St. John Bosco’s dedication to teaching or his zeal for his vocation, the Salesians wouldn’t exist. Without them, many schools would never have been opened. Thousands of children may never have received an eduction. I never would have been taught by Fr. Gwozdz.

My priesthood would be completely different.

Maybe that’s what You are calling me to reflect on. How will my love for You change the world?

St. John Bosco was just one man who served You until his death in 1888. But he affected thousands upon thousands of lives,

mine included.