A Saint’s Motto.

by Fr. Jeff

*Knock knock*

“Come in!” The voice was strong, but distant. I could tell that she wasn’t near the door.

As I stepped into the small house, I was greeted with enthusiasm and delight. “Father! Thank you so much for coming! I love my priests, and I love when they come to visit.”

She had just moved into the small guest house behind her family’s home. She was saddened that she wasn’t in her home anymore, but she told me that she was happy to still be able to live on her own. At her age, it was obviously difficult to leave behind the life that she knew.

Her primary concern, though, was spiritual. “I don’t know the priest or the church here,” she said. She isn’t able to join us for Mass, so I was bringing You to her.

For half an hour, I listened to her stories; she was filled with them. One line stuck with me all day:

You can never do too much good.

Brilliant. The more I think about it, the more I believe that she has found

a saint’s motto.