A Microphone

by Fr. Jeff

I was vesting for his funeral. Alb, cincture, stole, and chasuble. Looking in the mirror, I made sure that my stole was even and that the chasuble wasn’t crooked. With another quick glance, I realized something was missing: a microphone.

I opened the drawer and unrolled the cable from the transmitter. As I snaked the wire and the microphone into place, I began to think about its role. Is it liturgical? Hardly. Important? Without a doubt.

The few times I’ve had problems with it, everyone noticed. A quick look into the nave will always reveal when people can’t hear.

The microphone–it has a profoundly simple job: listen and amplify.

As I was vesting, I saw the connection: listen to Your Word and amplify it for all to hear. Listen and amplify.

Be what God needs for the world:

A microphone.