A Priest Life

"Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing." -St. Paul

Month: July, 2016

Dial correctly

It’s part of being a new pastor: fiddling with (and praying over) the A/C unit at 5am so I could fulfill my first promise to the parish (it did!), cleaning out the brochure display, picking up trash, and trying to deposit the collection. Left three times, right two times, left again and finish on the number. The […]

Thankful for firsts

My second day as pastor was a day of firsts. I heard my first confessions, I introduced myself for the first time, I celebrated my first weekend Mass, and I made my first promise to the parishioners to fix the church’s A/C that broke my first day. It was a day of firsts also for St. Henry’s […]

You Provide

Today I begin to serve St. Henry Catholic Church as pastor. It’s my first pastorate, and that’s not to mention my new assignment as Director of Vocations. The schedule for the day was light: unpack boxes in the office and serve Benediction at 5pm. I wasn’t scheduled for daily Mass because the schedule is lighter in July. I […]