A Priest Life

"Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing." -St. Paul

Month: March, 2014

See our afflictions

Her request was simple: I would be so grateful, too, if you had a spare Mass you could offer for me. As a woman religious, she’s facing some difficulty in her ministry. I wanted to honor her request. Part of the joy of priesthood is doing work that makes a difference in people’s lives–an eternal difference. I […]

Tidy up Your living quarters

When I arrived at the top of the stairs to my living quarters, I noticed things were a little bit in disorder. I had been neglecting to keep everything as organized as I like. I had an hour before my next Mass, so I got to work. Picking up loose things here and there, I […]

Big birthday

For ya’lls birthday, what if we go to the park? You can bring the boat you’ve been working on, and we can sit at a picnic table while the kids play. It was my sister’s idea for a birthday party for myself and her husband to celebrate our “big birthday.” At the park the weather […]

Smart hen who fed the others

See that hen right there? She’s really smart. She flies up to the bird feeder and knocks it so that the seeds spill out for the other ducks. I was sitting on a back patio with a parishioner I had gone to visit. The house overlooks a small lake, and we were watching the mallards […]

Lifts my spirit

Father, that’s the last one. Our campus minister had come into the makeshift confessional to let me know that we were finished. We took down the signs and picked up the chairs. With the help of more than a dozen priests over two days, the entire high school had a chance to experience Your mercy. Walking into […]

Tastes like heaven

I visited the 2nd grade religious-ed classroom today to answer their questions about heaven. “Who are the saints?” People in heaven! Great! Can you name any saints? Mary! Joseph! Michael Jackson! The teacher and I chuckled. “Hmm…I think we need to work on that!” Another hand shot up: Is there food in heaven? “What do you […]

Careen into grace

I’m enjoying my reading of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. I came across these lines tonight: There was something awful and revolting in the memory of what had been bought at this fearful price of shame. Shame at their spiritual nakedness crushed her and infected him. –Part II, Chapter 11. The allusion to Genesis is clear. She is […]

I have called You, friend

I usually try to guess the caller when my phone rings. Tonight, I expected it to be one of my sisters. I was wrong. The name and the picture delighted me! It was a call from a close friend I hadn’t spoken to in a long while. I was just calling to say hello. I realized […]

Let’s go pray

She was screaming because we wouldn’t let her drink from her cup without a lid on it. Everyone in the pizzeria looked at our table. Her mom and dad tried to calm her down and teach her that we didn’t want her to spill. She wouldn’t hear of it. Two-year-olds often know exactly what they […]

The Priestie Boys

I had just walked into the sacristy. One of our altar servers was putting on his alb as I walked passed him. “Fr. Jeff!!” he said. “You need to start a band with some priests.” “Yeah?” I wasn’t prepared for what came next: Yes!! You have to call it: The Priestie Boys