A Priest Life

"Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing." -St. Paul

Month: December, 2012

Search in our trash

It was late. A few pieces of wrapping paper were still scattered on the carpet. Opened presents were stacked half-hazardly around the living room. Most of the kids had all gone home. My sister called and told mom that my nephew was upset. He couldn’t find an accessory to one of his new toys. “Poor […]

Homily for Third Sunday of Advent

Our arms are empty, but Christ will fill them. Third Sunday of Advent, 2013

What to say?

I was in our school’s library when I heard the news. We had kids the same age reading stories about Clifford the Big Red Dog. Violence is awful in all of its forms, but it’s particularly heinous against innocent children of only a few years old. The librarian leaned against the wall, “What do you […]

A father’s love

The Christian mystery is this: A father’s love. *          *          * A close friend of mine and former parishioner, Angelique Marcantel, entered into the novitiate for the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matará today. Here, Sister Marie Protectrice de la Foi (Mary Protector of the […]

Collected for the Collect

As I climbed the steps to the presider’s chair, my pulse increased. I had been invited back to St. Joseph Abbey and Seminary College to preside at a Mass for the community in the abbey church. As a student, I had spent many hours in the pew and the choir stalls. For years, I’d wondered what […]

A Church Poem

Fr. Mac and I were sharing a mid-afternoon snack in the kitchen and sharing stories from our work done that day. Our conversation turned to the You and Your Church and her position in the world. At some point, these words came out. The Church is wonderful The Church is fine Because she’s human, and also divine.

The fist bump

“Ya’ll do that again!” We were standing under a breezeway in Lake Arthur having just finished a prayer service for people who had experienced death, separation, or divorce in their marriage. One of the new baptist preachers in town and I had just bumped fists. Our conversation focused on Your words: The harvest is abundant, but the […]

Waters of life

Tying the weights to the duck decoys was getting tedious. We had tied about 3 dozen and had another dozen to go. Standing near the barn, we were talking about how dry the ponds had been. Without water, there would be no ducks. The farmer started to walk away towards the pumps to begin flooding […]

The same hearts

Opening the door to the chapel to finish setting up for our private Mass, I saw my priest-friend seated in the chair. He was gazing at the large images of Jesus and Mary that flank our tabernacle. He noticed what makes our images unique. It isn’t the typical depiction of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate […]