A Priest Life

"Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing." -St. Paul

Month: July, 2012

Sacrificial hosts

It’s a routine part of the liturgy for the priest. During the Agnus Dei, we divide the consecrated hosts into the different patens before communion. As I picked up the hosts, my mind and my heart turned to the people in the pews. “When is God able to do the greatest works of our lives?” […]

A lightsaber of grace

“I thought that was a lightsaber!” she said. We all burst out laughing. I was at their new house for a blessing and I had just picked up my aspergillum to sprinkle holy water. Maybe she’s on to something: a priest’s life is focused on the force of God’s grace. We commune with You so […]

Blank page days

“Fr. Jeff, why haven’t you been writing?” The question has arisen many times lately because the frequency of my posts has dropped. I admit that sometimes it is due to my own reluctance. Reflecting on the events of these last few months and the blank pages that fill those days, however, You have helped me to […]

We are never boring

He was telling us about his¬†experience of prayer at Faith Camp. As an 8th grader, it was his second time to attend the weeklong program and he enjoyed it much more this summer than last. “Everyone was there praying together. And it wasn’t boring prayer!” I know that he didn’t intend his comment to be […]