A Priest Life

"Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing." -St. Paul

Month: June, 2012

See the reality

I was talking to some friends at a birthday party. She interrupted our conversation about cake: “I wonder what it’s like to see the angels present at Mass.” “I don’t know, but I sure do like this ice-cream cake,” I thought to myself. She went on to describe the tasks she imagined angels have and […]


I was talking to two parents about the joys and challenges of raising children. In the midst of our conversation, I was reminded of something my parents always joked about: God, why didn’t my kids come with an instruction book?! After my quip, the father laughed. With a smile, he replied, Sure he did. He […]


Having just returned from the recent youth event, I was tired. As I began evening Mass, I relied on the liturgy and Your grace to celebrate the sacred mysteries. At the consecration, my mind was turned to those most precious words: This is my body, given up for You. During Communion, I felt the close link: “The […]

Show me joy

Our youth group traveled to New Orleans today to join other youth from across the nation for Alive in You. The theme for this year is Eucharist: Source and Summit. In our small group session, we were sharing what we hoped God would show us in the Eucharist this week. Someone summed it up well: […]

Year One

Today, I celebrate my first anniversary as a priest. Reflecting on my inaugural year to the presbyterate, I find my priestly-life summed up in two events: When I arrived in this parish, one of the ushers went out of his way to make me feel welcome. He invited me to breakfast and dinner practically every […]