A Priest Life

"Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing." -St. Paul

Month: May, 2012

The most valuable Tupperware in the universe

It was my turn to say Mass at the new nursing home. I grabbed the Mass kit, checked to make sure it had enough wine and hosts, and left for the home. I was happy to find that a large number of residents were feeling well enough to pray with us. I greeted everyone and […]

To heaven!

“Where would you like to go on your next trip?” I was talking to my niece about a recent vacation. “Hmm.” She thought for a few seconds. “Oh I know!” She looked up and shouted with a smile, To heaven!


Things happen that reveal that I’ve reached that elusive stage in life called “adulthood.” I’m not sure when that landmark was achieved, but I know it must be true after today: I was invited to the local public school’s 6th grade career day. The kids had tons of questions about my life as a priest. […]

I’m a proud Father

“You must be so proud!” Indeed, I am. Tonight, we celebrated the sacrament of confirmation in our parish. It brought me a great sense of joy since I was the confirmation catechist for our parish. Each Wednesday, we spent 90 minutes discussing the beauty of the world and our faith. As the bishop anointed each […]

Show us Jesus

I spent some time in the 8th grade religion class speaking about the great beauty of icons. They marveled at the beauty of the icons I brought and shared some beautiful insights of their own. On my way out, I passed through the cafeteria. Pre-K was eating. “Fr. Jeff!! What’s in the bag??” they shrieked […]