A Priest Life

"Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing." -St. Paul

Month: February, 2012

Their hearts’ desire

I became attached to the Liturgy of the Hours while I was in high school. My dad had introduced me to the “prayer of the Church” when I was quite young, and I was always inspired by its beauty. Tonight, while I was praying vespers, I found myself focusing on two lines: May he give […]

Thanking You

As a beginning preacher, one of the great joys is knowing that the message is heard. All week long, I was speaking with You about the homily for this weekend. In our conversations, I knew that I was to preach on Sunday Mass attendance but I wasn’t sure how that was going to happen. Sometime Saturday […]

The best is yet to come

Mass was over, and I was sitting in the pew praying the Office. As they approached me, I could tell they were excited. “Father, would you give us a blessing? Today is our 50th wedding anniversary!” We proceeded to the sanctuary, where I gave them the blessing for this wonderful celebration. Afterwards, I asked them […]

I was made for this

When questions come up, it’s great to pick up a phone and call a good priest-friend. Tonight, I visited with a friend I hadn’t spoken with since we left Rome. We talked about my theological conundrum and shared stories about our priesthood. I asked him if he was enjoying priesthood. His answer was brilliant: I […]

My Lenten cure

As I made the sign of the cross on her mother’s forehead, I saw her arm go straight for the bowl. At around two years old, she wanted to feel the ash between her fingers. The black powder was too much to resist. Luckily, my priest-like reflexes saved us from a potential disaster. I’ve said […]

See everything

“We see everything,” he said somberly. He had just finished telling us the story of the saddest funeral he ever celebrated. We were gathered in the bishop’s living room before our monthly meal with him. Each time we visit, he takes the opportunity to share with us at least one story from his priestly life. […]

Slide to the answer

“This won’t take too long.” Dad and I opened the box and got to work. It was 10am. I have great memories of playing on swing sets as a kid. We had one in the back yard, and so did my grandparents. Dad and I were happy to start building memories for the young ones. […]

One at a time

Standing in front of the room, she was changing the girls’ lives. Her talk was on the beauty of God’s creation, the beauty of being a woman. Somewhere in the middle, she spoke about biblical numerology: three, the number for eternity; four, the number for creation; seven, the perfect number. The Samaritan woman at the […]

Want it for you. Want it for others. Make it happen.

“You can’t have your dessert until Claire finishes her supper.” Ella gave her mom a quick look.┬áHer face said everything. She found the nearest barstool, dragged it next to Claire’s high chair, hoisted herself up, and stared directly at Claire. She watched her eat, one bite at a time. At one point, she even picked […]

Sin Waxing

As I started my truck in the carport, it began. Drop by drop, it fell. “Darn. I just washed it!” It wasn’t just a washing: wash, polish, clay bar, then wax. From 10 to 5, I worked to fix a growing oxidation problem before it damaged the paint. It sure was reflective. Now, rain was […]