A Priest Life

"Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing." -St. Paul

Month: December, 2011

New Year’s Eve 2012

As we ring in 2012, there are many traditions to celebrate the New Year. There is the customary meal of cabbage, black-eyed peas, and ham; the fireworks; time with family; and football games galore. When Mass began for the Vigil, I was focused on Mary, the Mother of God. “What a perfect way to start […]

The Gazebo

The reception was lovely. Hundreds of people danced to the music and enjoyed the food. The atmosphere was jovial. On the patio outside, people mingled amongst the tables and chairs. It was fun to be a priest at the reception. I visited with old friends. I made new ones. But it’s the gazebo that stands out […]

Dedicated to Christ

Today, I was privileged to take part in an incredible celebration. A dear friend of mine gave her life to Christ and was consecrated as a virgin living in the world. Listening to the prayers, I was moved to the core. There is much that can be said, and much time is needed to reflect […]

Smiles of the Day

Some nights will be too late for me to post well. So instead, I’ve decided that on occasions such as this, I will record things that made me smile: My niece jumping rope–again. Watching the kids at Mass in the living room. They grasp the mystery. At our Christmas dinner at the bishop’s home, he […]

The Greatest Present

At almost 92 years, she doesn’t leave the house much, if at all. Since she couldn’t make it to Mass, we brought Mass to her. There, packed into my Grandmother’s small living room, our family crowded around a small folding table. It was another one of the joys of a new priest’s life. Surrounded by […]

Midnight Mass

It’s my first Christmas as a priest. Someone stopped me to ask, “Father, what is Christmas like as a priest?” Two things come to mind: it’s one of the few nights I stay up late with the children, and it’s one of the greatest joys I’ve ever known. Merry Christmas to all! Rejoice in the […]

Two-year-olds Jumping Rope

She knew what jumping rope was. She understood what to do and how to do it: jump up and down over the rope, just like the big kids. In her mind, that’s exactly what she was doing. She was jumping rope. Actually, she was trying to. Standing just two and a half feet high, the […]

Just Rain

It was just raining. It wasn’t a big deal, except that we really needed the rain. It’s been dry this year. Really dry. As I prayed morning prayer in our chapel, I enjoyed the sound of it. The hymn of drops falling provided a nice background for my encounter with You. My prayer continued antiphon […]

Eternal Orientation

I spent much of the day writing. With Christmas only a few days away, I have passed quite a bit of time at my desk. Either with my keyboard or a pen, I’ve found my task lately to be of the written word. Thank-you notes, homilies, and articles–they are all worthy demands of time. At […]

Blurred Vision and Frustration

After a good day filled with laughter, I was going through my nightly routine. I said Compline, brushed my teeth, and took out my contacts. As I was putting my contacts into their solution, I dropped one. “Well, that’s not good,” I said to myself. On my hands and my knees, I searched the carpet. […]